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BPA-free? Just another plastic

2014 March 26 by


Don’t be lulled into complacency over BPA-free water bottles and sippy cups. Plastic is not good for you or the environment. Don’t buy plastic bottled water. Don’t feed your children out of plastic containers. And never microwave food in plastic of any kind. The uproar over the toxic effects of BPA resulted in companies quietly shifting to other plastics (like BPS) that are just as bad or worse and proclaiming that they have listened and they’re now BPA-free. But many of those other plastics have endocrine disrupting effects as estrogen mimics, and many have been shown to cause significant health problems. The FDA has a policy of assuming chemicals are harmless until proven otherwise. They are especially slow to label products as possibly harmful. Don’t be fooled. Plastic is just not a good thing to eat and it easily leaches into your food. Children especially need to be protected from the disrupting effects of plastics on growth and development. Use stainless steel water bottles. Use glass and ceramic cups and plates. Keep children safe from toxins in plastic.


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