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Vaccine Information Week

2011 October 3 by


The vaccine industry has been increasing the pressure on parents to get their kids vaccinated. As more parents have decided to make an informed choice about vaccinations and chosen to avoid some or all vaccines for their child because of their concerns about adverse effects, the vaccine industry has taken notice.  In an unprecedented move, California Health Departments have been visiting the homes of nonvaccinated children and the CDC has been calling parents of nonvaccinated kids to enforce state requirements for immunization. The California legislature has put through a bill that allows teenagers as young as 12 to decide themselves whether to get vaccines intended to prevent sexually transmitted diseases for hepatitis and cervical cancer without informing the children’s parents.

Seemingly, on the other side of this world several organizations and a host of natural health newsletters have launched Vaccine Information Week beginning October 1st in an effort to inform consumers about the full story of vaccination.

As the flu season begins and the fl vaccine campaign shifts into high gear, an effort to educate the public will focus on this controversial vaccine. Reviews of flu vaccine studies have consistently shown that the vaccine is ineffective, and many recipients of the vaccine know from personal experience that the flu vaccine can make you sick. Nonetheless the vaccine industry continually pushes flu vaccines and has even released a Hollywood movie, Contagion, complete with blockbuster stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet, whose sole purpose seems to be to show how a flu vaccine can save the world.  This shameless vaccine propaganda film seems to be yet another marketing ploy to encourage people to line up at their local drugstores for their annual flu injections. It is time to just say no to this useless vaccine.

For more information about Vaccine Information Week watch your favorite health newsletters.


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