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Vaccines Contribute to Allergies

2016 January 7 by


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There is abundant evidence that vaccines contribute to the rising incidence of allergies, eczema, and asthma in children. Several studies have shown a dramatic difference in the incidence of allergic disease, including eczema and asthma, between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. One explanation for this is the effect of vaccines on the immune system.  According to this theory, the stimulation of antibody production by vaccines causes a shift in the immune system to an overactive mode of antibody reactions to foods and environmental exposures.

Delaying vaccines results in less allergic disease

A recent study looked at whether delaying vaccines could help prevent allergic disease in children. The researchers found that delaying the DTaP (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) vaccine for only one month in infants significantly reduced the incidence of eczema (Kiraly, 2015).

This study confirmed previous studies that found similar reductions in allergies from delaying vaccines. For example, a study published in 2008 found that delaying the initial DTaP vaccine in infants by at least 2 months reduced the incidence of asthma by half at age 7 years. Delaying  all three DTaP doses resulted in even less children with asthma (McDonald, 2008).


Imagine how much suffering could be prevented if vaccines were routinely delayed for even longer. Many countries already limit and delay vaccines for babies in order to prevent the adverse effects that occur  in young infants with their delicate and undeveloped immune systems.


Kiraly N, Koplin JJ, Crawford NW,et al. Timing of routine infant vaccinations and risk of food allergy and eczema at one year of age. Allergy. 2015 Dec 28. doi: 10.1111/all.12830.

McDonald KL, Huq SI, Lix LM, Becker AB, Kozyrskyj AL. Delay in diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccination is associated with a reduced risk of childhood asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2008 Mar;121(3):626-31. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2007.11.034. Epub 2008 Jan 18.



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The New Vaccine Requirements

2015 July 12 by


A new law in California requiring all recommended vaccines for children threatens the basic personal freedoms of families across the country. The law (SB 277) was introduced, passed and signed by Democrats in California government despite vociferous protests by thousands of parents and the promise of legal challenges by attorneys. When this law goes into effect, children in California who have not received all of the scheduled vaccines will not be able to attend school. The Catch 22? All children are required to attend school, and the California Constitution guarantees children a public education. The law exempts only children who are homeschooled and those who receive a medical exemption from a physician. But physicians are not willing or able to write medical exemptions and many parents cannot homeschool their children. So if a parent decides that a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease may not be necessary for their child, or if their child has previously had bad reactions to vaccines and they are not willing to take that risk again, then that parent will become a criminal in California. That child will be forbidden to attend school. And how will authorities enforce this law against citizens in areas where nearly 50 percent of children are not fully vaccinated? These include the city of Malibu and Marin County, some of the wealthiest areas of the country. Clearly something is wrong. The Democratic Party is attempting to undermine basic constitutional freedoms. And constitutional lawyers will not allow it.

This law will be challenged in court once the first child is refused admission to a school. That will occur when the law takes effect in July 2016. But this is not an isolated or aberrant occurrence. Already there are laws being proposed allowing employers and the state to require vaccines for adults. And federal laws are being proposed for enforced vaccinations.

The elected representatives who propose and vote for these laws have been paid by the pharmaceutical industry that produces vaccines. And these laws will result in a dramatic increase in profits for vaccine manufacturers. And all of this political chicanery is undermining personal freedoms and personal choice of medical care. Enforced medical care is medical tyranny. And it cannot stand.

The law will be challenged in court. Parents will refuse to have their children vaccinated against their will. And they will demand that their children be allowed to attend school. This crisis in California has just begun to make headlines. So far no one has suffered, but once this law takes effect the battle will begin. Police, Child Protective Services, the court system, and the schools will all become involved and have to contend with the chaos of enforcement.

Here are some details about the law in California.

  1. The law requiring vaccination for each of the specified and recommended diseases takes effect in July 2016.
  2. It applies to children entering Kindergarten and 7th grade only.
  3. Partially or unvaccinated children who already have a personal belief exemption can remain in school until they enter K or 7th grade. At that time they will no longer be able to attend school.

What can you do?

Donate to the legal defense that will challenge these laws. And stay informed about new proposed laws that will undermine your personal health choices and freedoms.

Donate to to support the legal challenge of these laws.

Join the National Vaccine Information Center’s Advocacy Portal to follow proposed laws

Carefully consider who you elect to office. Where do your representatives stand on the issue of personal health freedoms? The Democratic Party has betrayed us.



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Measles Cases and the Vaccine Campaign

2014 June 17 by

Here is a question from a subscriber and my response. All of the media reports on measles and whooping cough and polio are sponsored by the vaccine industry to fuel fears about disease in order to sell vaccines. The most recent campaigns are targeted at adults so that they will get vaccines for themselves, a very lucrative market for the pharmaceutical industry.
I have read all of your books regarding vaccines and neither of my sons, now 10 and 8, have been vaccinated.

There have been so many news reports lately about measles and whooping cough outbreaks that are allegedly being caused by people who do not vaccinate.

I was wondering what your opinion is on this?  Do you think my sons should receive vaccines for these current outbreaks to protect the elderly, very young and those with compromised immune systems?  I feel like I am having a hard time supporting my decision lately.

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Spreading the fear of polio in Israel

2013 September 4 by


Setting the record straight, there has not been a case of polio in Israel since 1988. However, Israel monitors for the presence of polio and has discovered polio virus in sewage in several cities. This discovery triggered a massive polio vaccination campaign in children, most of whom had already been vaccinated against polio with the killed injected vaccine. Now they are revaccinating children with the live oral polio vaccine in an attempt to stop the spread of polio virus. This live vaccine had been abandoned because it can cause polio infection in recipients and in caregivers who come in contact with the virus passed in feces when changing babies’ diapers. It is inevitable that the vaccine campaign will cause a few cases of polio, which will then be blamed on the wild virus “proving” that the vaccine campaign was necessary.

Children have been identified with antibodies to the wild polio virus, but no one has developed symptoms. A similar situation exists in Pakistan, where the virus has been identified, but no laboratory confirmed cases have occurred. This situation is reminiscent of a similar scenario that occurred in a Seventh Day Adventist community in the United States. None of the children were vaccinated in that community since vaccination is contrary to their religious principles. The community was exposed to a carrier of the polio virus and nearly all of the children in the community were shown to have antibodies to the virus, but no cases of polio occurred. The reason for this is that polio virus often causes cold symptoms, but rarely causes paralytic symptoms in the nervous system.

The Israeli vaccination campaign has resulted in huge protests. Many parents are objecting to the government forcing vaccination on their children. This backlash has resulted in a war between the vaccination proponents and those who oppose and refuse the vaccine. Each side is accusing the other of endangering the lives of children.

My advice is to stay out of the fray. Those who oppose vaccinations are not going to be convinced by government rhetoric. Their argument that big pharma is behind this vaccination campaign is hard to refute. Those who are intent on eradicating polio are convinced that risking some side effects of vaccines including cases of polio caused by the vaccine, and even some deaths, is a small price to pay in the war against disease. It is unlikely that this tempest in a teapot will result in anything except the sale of huge amounts of vaccine with their attendant profits for drug companies and a few cases of polio caused by the vaccine.

This campaign in Israel is also creating a precedent for a similar response in other countries, including the United States. Be prepared. It could happen here.


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Social Networks Inform Parents about Vaccine Choices

2013 April 19 by


Seeking social media connections

A study published in the journal Pediatrics (April 15, 2013) has determined that parents’ vaccine choices are often informed and influenced by online social networks. Parents who choose not to vaccinate according to the recommended vaccination schedule are much more likely to get information from other parents online compared to a group of parents who follow the schedule.

That is what I have been advising parents for years. Find a network of like-minded people who support your vaccination choices. The pressure to vaccinate children is intense. Doctors, schools, other parents, grandparents and extended family members often exert tremendous pressure on new parents to vaccinate their children. Going against this overwhelming tide of vaccine proponents usually involves some Herculean will on the part of parents who are attempting to make an informed choice. And real information about vaccine risks and side effects is difficult to discover.

Get balanced information

Parents need to discover valid information about vaccines that is free of the propaganda produced by the vaccine manufacturing industry. The first place parents go for information is the Internet. Many resources are available to them including the National Vaccine Information Center and related parent support groups and bulletin board networks online. Parents who choose to make thoughtful decisions will seek out other parents who have already made these vaccine choices.

This study conducted by an anthropologist and published in Pediatrics has uncovered the simple fact that vaccine critics have known all along. Parents seek information and validation for their choices from other parents and professionals in networks that promote informed choice.

Mainstream propaganda

Mainstream media has picked up this story and their spin is to try to influence parents to come back to the fold. What we need, they say, is to start parent peer groups to influence and convince wary parents about the necessity of full vaccination coverage for their children. Let’s send vaccine-promoting parents into the preschools and daycare centers to press upon parents the urgency of vaccinating their children. Who dictates to the mainstream media? The pharmaceutical industry. So Time magazine, US News and World Report, MedScape and many other media sources have published articles that tell us it is time for parents to join the ranks of vaccine promotion. Doctors are not doing a good enough job convincing parents, so it is up to the army of vaccinating parents to promote the cause. We can expect more peer pressure and more coercion of young parents who dare to question the dogma of vaccine recommendations and requirements.


Brunson EK. The Impact of Social Networks on Parents’ Vaccination Decisions. Pediatrics. Advanced publication online  April 15, 2013.


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