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Thanking Your Doctors

by Dr. Randy


At this time of year when we give thanks and gifts I would encourage everyone to thank their favorite practitioners by writing a Yelp review and sending them a testimonial. This is an excellent way to guide other health care consumers to find practitioners they can trust. Many people are finding it hard to justify spending money on health care, but they are also seeking holistic care in unprecedented numbers. You can encourage them by recommending practitioners you rely on for your own health care. Writing a Yelp review is one of the best ways for you to express your thanks and ensure that your high opinion of your trusted medical providers is communicated to others.

Your holistic doctors need your support, whether they are chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, or holistic physicians. Your massage therapists, midwives, nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, and everyone on your health care team need to hear your thanks and gratitude.

The holistic health care movement is a groundswell of monumental proportions. But make no mistake, the full power of the pharmaceutical industry aligned with the FDA and government health committees have no love for your access to holistic care, natural remedies, or nutritional supplements. Your access to these forms of treatment is constantly threatened. Legislation, FDA rulings, and international laws are all being designed to limit your ability to seek alternative care. We all need to join together to preserve everyone’s access to holistic medicine and make sure that the field thrives. All of us can support the holistic medical world by opposing legislation that promotes only the conventional medical model.

Support your own health care practitioners. Take a moment to write a Yelp review that will guide others to the best sources of health care outside the allopathic medical world. You know who those practitioners are. You have researched the best providers for yourself and your family. Share that information with others and help build others’ support network in their quest for health and the best medical care for their families.

For my patients you can write a Yelp review by clicking on the following address. Send it to me as well and I will post it on my website also.