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by Dr. Randy


This is the time for personal transformation. It is not time to focus on threats, on statistics of a virus, or on thoughts of deprivation. This imposed renunciation of our usual life is not an accident. Everyone is now forced to take a break from the whirl of activities. Some are still at work, mostly those who are serving others, medical providers, farmers, workers in groceries, car mechanics, and teachers. But all of us are taking a break from many pursuits and interests. Most of us have been waylaid from jobs, activities in the world, and frivolous pastimes. It may feel like deprivation. Students do not have their daily contact with peers or their sports. There are no theaters open or concert halls or music festivals. The world has slowed down. And look around. We have stopped polluting the Earth. We are not rushing off in vehicles to sit in gridlock and then in offices at a frenetic pace of adrenal stress. We have solved all the traffic jams. We have room to breathe, we are allowing nature to recover while each of us has the opportunity to remain quietly in place.

It is time to wake up to your potential. Take this opportunity to assess what is it that you want, what it is you value in life. Is it to get back to frenetic activity and struggle, or to find a new mode of being? Maybe you had previously been on a fruitful and rewarding life path. Or maybe you had not felt fulfilled.

This is an opportunity for reassessment of your life’s path. What is your highest aspiration? How will you contribute now to create a new world? For that is the nature of this time. This is our opportunity, the window into the future.  Do not mistake it for a time of suffering and isolation. Take it as a challenge. We will get through the “crisis.” That is beyond doubt. But what awaits us on the other side? Is it greater dependence on screens, the Internet, and virtual training of our students? Take this time to reconnect with your own highest values, your families, your children, and your vision for the world. Then we will have a path.

What is that path? To help the world. How can that be accomplished? Wish for the well-being of others and make it so.


  • Venice Longinetti-Scherer

    This has been a wonderful change! Stay In Place is a blessing to our family! Other than getting essentials being challenging and going to the hospital alone if sick. Wondering how to keep life this way for a while. No obligations, commitments, deadlines, pressures, etc. Realizing that we are 90% over committed to helping others at our expense. Balance is much nicer helping on a smaller scale.