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Treating the Virus

by Dr. Randy


Homeopaths and Chinese medicine practitioners have been treating serious viral illnesses for hundreds of years. There is a wealth of experience and expertise in the management of the stages of these epidemic viral illnesses and flus. Usually symptoms go through a typical progression, and these stages are well documented. It is extremely important to closely monitor these types of acute illnesses that have the potential to progress to serious symptoms. The treatment prescription usually needs to be altered as these stages progress from initial fevers to various types of coughs and lung involvement, whether it is using homeopathic medicines, Chinese herbal formulas, or both in combination.

This is the time to stay in close (virtual) contact with your practitioner who is well versed in the correct prescriptions for the different phases of illness. For example, in Chinese medicine the Shang Han Lun, a textbook of the six phases of acute respiratory illnesses, has been used as a guide to treatment since the third century. In homeopathy, textbooks covering acute illness and pneumonia have governed treatment differentiation since the late nineteenth century. This historical record has been refined and further developed ever since. The experience of homeopathic doctors during the 1918 flu is completely relevant to current epidemics, and the experience of Chinese medical herbalists in Wuhan, China has provided valuable information to the worldwide community about managing the current pandemic. Be assured that holistic treatment that includes these methods in an integrated plan with conventional medicine can provide the most thoughtful and effective regimen for managing these symptoms.

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