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Vaccine Choice Still Endangered in California – Support Letters Needed

by Dr. Randy


A California Congressional bill (AB2109) threatens to take parents’ choice about vaccinating their children and placing that choice in the hands of doctors. If this bill is passed into law, then parents who choose not to give a vaccine on the recommended schedule will need to find a doctor who is willing to sign a paper stating that they have informed parents of their choices. This will require a visit to a physician who is willing to discuss vaccines. If parents cannot afford or cannot find a doctor willing to do this, then they will not be able to obtain a personal belief exemption. This bill could effectively eliminate the personal belief exemption in California because many pediatricians refuse to see children whose parents choose not to give a vaccine they recommend.

A public hearing on Assembly Bill 21009 has been scheduled for April 17 by the Assembly Committee on Health. I urge you to write a letter to the Committee members opposing this bill. The law as it stands is completely adequate to provide parental choices in their vaccination decisions. No legislative action needs to be taken to ensure that parents have the right to choose what vaccines their children will receive.

Letters must be received by 12:00 PM on April 11 either by mail or by fax.

A simple letter stating your opposition to the bill is sufficient. Here is some suggested text.

Dear California Assembly Health Committee Members:

I am opposed to the passage of AB2109, which would impair a parent’s ability to obtain a personal (philosophical) belief exemption to vaccination for their child. This should be a parent’s right, and California immunization act currently allows parents to make this choice. The requirement to obtain a doctor’s approval of this choice places an unnecessary burden on parents, who may not have access to a physician willing to sign such a waiver.

Mail or Fax your letter to:

Assembly Member Bill Monning
Chair, Assembly Health Committee
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0027
Tel: (916) 319-2027
Fax: (916) 319-2127



  • Brunnells

    I really appreciate the continued, open discussion about alternative perspectives on vaccination. One perspective I’ve seen but not discussed is how some highly educated families are skeptical – if not distrustful – of most government policies and laws, and who doubt the effectiveness of any government measure that is put into effect. I find these same families form a large majoritywho put total trust into the CDC recommended schedule of vaccinations! Uh, maybe I missed the notice, but isn’t the CDC another Government agency? An agency susceptible to the same private-sector, profit-motivated companies and lobbyists who help ‘form’ policy and laws? We try to listen to both sides of the arguments, but until I find a counterparts to sign a liability agreement for any short-term and Long-term

    • Brunnells

      So, until I find a counterparty willing to sign a liability agreement for short-term and long-term effects from a vaccine, I will not allow anyone to violate my child’s body.

  • Vax Choice Is A Human Right

    Will there be another opportunity for those of us who missed the April 11th deadline?

  • Cureguide

    Here is an update on the path of the vaccine bill in California AB 2109

    From: Dawn Winkler
    Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 5:07 AM
    Subject: AB2109 – Update

    Just wanted to update everyone quickly on AB2109. It passed the
    Assembly Health Committee on April 17th with 13 Democrats voting yes, 5
    Republicans voting no, and 1 Republican abstaining (Garrick).
    It is now in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. No hearing date
    scheduled yet but we expect it to be next Wedneday, May 2nd. This is
    GOOD NEWS! If it can be shown that the bill results in a cost of more
    than $150,000 to the state, it goes into what is called the “suspense”
    file. That would hang the bill up until at least May 24th. In all
    reality, the bill could die in appropriations. Sometimes this
    tactic is a way for legislators to show support for their fellow
    legislator’s bill knowing it will not make it through appropriations. We
    do not know that this is the case this time, but one can hope. It was a
    little shocking as I was told repeatedly by different offices that it
    would not go to appropriations and now that’s exactly where it is.

    We are still preparing for the possibility of the bill moving out
    of appropriations and over to the Senate. It will have to get through
    the Assembly Floor first and many things can happen there as well
    including amendments and floor arguments which may garner more on record
    opposition which gives us more hope for a veto should the bill go all
    the way. 

    As we prepare fiscal arguments for the appropriations committee,
    please let me know if any of you out there have insight into the inner
    workings of MediCal or Healthy Families or if you feel you are well
    equipped to help formulate and solidify fiscal arguments.

    Link to appropriations committee:

    We can attend the hearing in appropriations. I likely cannot be
    there so am really hoping that some of you in the Sacramento area can
    attend and formally oppose and be sure the fiscal arguments are
    considered. Please let me know if you can do this.

    The only testimony that will be allowed at this hearing is
    testimony that is of a fiscal nature and I would imagine it will be
    pretty limited. Most of the work on this has to be done in advance.
    I just want to thank everyone again for such an amazing turnout on
    the 17th. It was great to meet so many of you in person and my only
    regret is that I did not get to personally talk to everyone there! What
    an amazing day. Everyone should be proud, I was told that this was a
    record for attendance to a legislative hearing on this issue in the
    entire history of the United States. We were all part of an amazing
    piece of history! And in effect, our opposition had far more impact that
    we could see that day.

    All for now. Please get in touch with me if you are someone who
    feels they can be of help in showing that this bill will cost the state
    more than $150,000. In the meantime, if you have not contacted your own
    Assembly Member, please do so as it will be important should the bill
    get out of appropriations and go to the floor.

    Lastly, is anyone in a school district with a higher exemption
    rate? We are looking at trying to get some school districts on board who
    may be impacted by losing students who can’t find someone to sign their
    exemption. This has been an effective strategy in Vermont.