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Video Consults

by Dr. Randy


During this time of caring for ourselves I will be available for online consultations via Zoom or Skype or Facetime or phone for any of your health care needs and symptoms. Whether you have questions or ongoing symptoms or a new illness, we can talk about the best path for you to follow. Be assured that there is natural treatment for the current virus with homeopathy and effective herbs that practitioners have been using successfully for centuries, and in the case of Chinese herbs, for millennia. Current research is also being conducted and discussed for this virus in particular.

And keep in mind the success of these natural methods in the eras of cholera, yellow fever, and the Spanish flu epidemics and pandemics. Have faith that we will weather this pandemic, just as we have others. I think it is especially important at this time to recognize fear and anxiety, gather information, settle into ourselves, and develop confidence in ourselves and in each other.

If you have the need for a consultation and treatment get in touch by email or text.

Dr Randy at or 650 299-9170