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Views on the pandemic

by Dr. Randy


The elephant and the blind men

There is an ancient Indian story of an experiment of five blind men who have never encountered an elephant. Each is allowed to feel only one part of the elephant and conclude what they discover. The man who feels the elephant’s side says it is like a wall. The one who feels the trunk says it is like a snake. The one who feel the elephant’s leg says it is like a pillar. The tail is like a rope, and the tusk is like a spear. This is a story of conclusions from different views.

The current pandemic has a similar theme. Depending on one’s view, the virus and pandemic may be perceived differently. Here are a few examples.

Materialistic view

The vast majority of the world views the virus from the perspective of materialism, or scientific realism. This view states that the virus is a naturally occurring organism that is particularly virulent and often resistant to the immune system’s efforts to overcome it. The appropriate response is to attempt to contain the virus’s spread from person to person in various mechanical ways such as social distancing, quarantine, hand washing, and disinfectants. Other methods may include treatment of individuals with immune system activation and support, or specific herbal or other natural treatments.

Religious views

Western religious views may be inclined to compare pandemics to the depictions of plagues, pestilence, or divine judgments, vengeance, or end days visited on evil in the world. The Judaic story of the ten plagues inflicted on Egypt to free captives from a tyrannical pharaoh, or the New Testament Armageddon scenarios hinted at in the book of Revelation, or the end day of Islam are all allegorical (or even actual) events, depending on one’s perspective, that describe the triumph of good over evil.

Monotheistic religions advocate aligning oneself with and surrendering to the will of God and God’s ineffable plan. Approach God through prayer and supplication, recognizing the pervasiveness of God in the world and all beings in the world, and acknowledge God’s glory and majesty manifesting through this plan, that is ultimately unknowable by mortals. Adopt the nature of God’s love by practicing love and compassion toward oneself and one’s neighbors.
Multidimensional views
Various individuals and groups view and describe this virus as a tool in the battle between evil extradimensional forces and angelic guardians who are working to protect us.
They advise participating through prayer to align oneself with the protective guardians and forces of goodness that are battling with evil forces at multidimensional levels. Practice loving kindness, compassion, and make yourself invincible to evil by developing a high frequency vibration through meditation and spiritual shielding.
Buddhist views
Mahayana Buddhism predicted a Degenerate Age characterized by warfare and evil acts resulting in “rampant destructiveness.” Then the natural elements will lose their balance resulting in spirit entities gaining power, disaster from weather patterns, crop failures, and diseases so that “even the best remedies will no longer have any effect.”
At that time only prayer will be effective. But Buddhism, like most religions, suggests rising above our earthly, materialistic concerns by maintaining an internal state of peace and serenity, maintaining a broader perspective than our limited worldly life. Practice gratitude and observe emotions as they arise with as much equanimity as possible. Take care of one another through love and compassion fortified with the understanding of ultimate reality that transcends the world of self-grasping, habituation, and addictions.
What should you do?
The material realm
Be safe and practice precautions. This virus is spread by contact with people and with contaminated surfaces. Wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands away from your face in public places. Wear gloves out in the world. Stay at home. Many communities are closing businesses to customers in order to avoid contact between people. Stay hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables. Take supplements, especially vitamin C, probiotics, and the list of immune activators on my website
Spiritual realms
All of these views suggest caring for the body and mind through practices that promote health and well-being. Maintain a high frequency through meditation and prayer. Practice loving kindness and compassion. Care for one another. See that others are safe and have supplies. This is a time to take care of your families and your communities. A challenging time can ether bring us together with love, or cause the arising of fear and base survival instincts that take control of our minds.
Here is a simple request:
May I be happy
May I be safe
May I be healthy
May I be at ease
Then wish the same things for your family, your friends, and then the entire world.
May all beings be happy and free of suffering.