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Waiting for a cure?

by Dr. Randy


Everyone has probably heard the story of the impoverished family who has no idea that the treasure or the wish-fulfilling jewel that they need has actually always been hidden in their own home. This is a lesson in seeking inner knowledge that we already possess. It just needs to be uncovered.

How often do we now read that we need to follow the shelter in place orders (house arrest) until scientists discover a cure and a vaccine for the current virus? But all this time, effective treatment for viruses is already in our possession.

Chinese medicine has been effectively treating these viruses and epidemics for thousands of years. And this wealth of knowledge was quickly put to use in Wuhan, China when the epidemic first occurred there. The success of those herbal protocols were carefully recorded and disseminated to the rest of China and to practitioners of Chinese medicine in the West.

Homeopathy has been treating epidemic diseases for 200 years. The successes of homeopathy in repeated epidemics of cholera, yellow fever, and the 1918 flu pandemic were carefully recorded and disseminated, and recognized by the governments of the world. Today homeopaths around the world are sharing their own successes with the virus.

Why are these successful treatments of epidemics and pandemics continually ignored by conventional medicine? Primarily because these treatments are inexpensive and not profitable to the pharmaceutical industry. Despite significant and suggestive research that shows the effectiveness of these, and other, natural treatments money is not pouring into further clinical studies. Instead the pharmaceutical industry is fiercely pursuing vaccines that can be patented and then reap huge profits.

However, vaccines have been dismally ineffective in preventing seasonal viral illnesses in the past, mostly because these viruses mutate and are then impervious to the vaccines. This has been the case year after year with the ineffective flu vaccines. And these vaccines that were rushed to market have also backfired and inevitably produce side effects, sometimes such serious side effects that the vaccine campaign needed to be halted.

We should all consider why preventive herbal and nutritional supplement measures are not adopted. We should keep on hand the simple natural treatments that successfully treat viral epidemics. It is time to stop waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to save us. Trust these time honored treatments. Study them.

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