Wake up

by Dr. Randy



We have all been hijacked and duped by a very misguided set of policies that have shut down commerce, the educational system, and personal freedoms. It is time to put a halt to these destructive regulations of lockdowns, mandates, and infringement on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All of these unconstitutional restrictions have been instituted outside of the legislative process, and none of them have the force of law. Nonetheless, citizens are being arrested for violating these unconstitutional regulations. And Supreme Courts have ruled that these mandates issued by state governors and health department bureaucrats are unconstitutional.

We have been convinced to put our trust in the pronouncements of authorities who have a tremendous amount to gain from these restrictions. Small businesses have been devastated and huge corporations have profited immensely. And the pharmaceutical industry is about to reap the enormous profits of an illegally mandated toxic vaccine. In the meantime, any dissent has been censored from mainstream media and the Internet. Facebook, Google, and YouTube have a stranglehold on our access to information and have declared themselves the self-appointed censors of free speech, eliminating the accounts of anyone who disagrees with their policies.

Why are these regulations misguided?

  1. This virus has proven to be less often fatal than the yearly flu. We are not experiencing a deadly pandemic. There is no end in sight if we continue to live in fear of viruses, shutting down economies to prevent their spread.

  2. The isolation, alienation, and deprivation caused by the lockdowns have resulted in tremendous harm in the form of mental illness, lack of essential medical care, and an increased death rate from inadequate health care of chronic disease.

  3. Cloth masks do not reduce the spread of viral diseases. Laboratory evaluations have concluded that these viral particles are too small to be filtered by cloth masks. Clinical studies have shown that the rate of infection is not decreased by wearing masks.

  4. There is no evidence that shutting down businesses or restricting gatherings is warranted. And there is evidence that this practice is counterproductive in creating herd immunity. Sweden has developed herd immunity in its population without instituting any mask wearing or interruptions in public gatherings or daily business. They have merely protected elderly populations.

  5. We are on the brink of mandating a dangerous vaccine and depriving individuals of their constitutional right to make personal health choices.

  6. And it is possibly our children and college students who have suffered the most in this system of enforced computerized education.

It is time to stop these ludicrous restrictions that have been instituted in the name of public health, but are serving only to enslave people to arbitrary and destructive regulations. Doctors and scientists across the world are calling for an end to these measures. Governments across the world are being brought to court for illegally infringing on the rights and livelihood of their citizens.

If individuals would like to isolate themselves, if elderly people feel too vulnerable to contagious illnesses, then stay at home and protect the elderly from exposure. Otherwise we need to put an end to these illegal, forced measures.