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Wanting things to be different

by Dr. Randy


Not everything goes as we planned or imagined things should be.
Sometimes we need to simply recognize the way things are and observe that.
We need to set up the conditions for success and adapt as things unfold. Extra stress comes when we want things to be other than they are.
You should be aware that we are in Scorpio now (until Nov 21), which is a dark time, a time of death of old ideas and a rebirth of a new perspective. We can become aware that things may not be going as we imagined. Just be with that. Everything is constantly changing. Just stay with it right now and watch your feelings about it.

Here is an attitude you can try:

Not knowing – how things will turn out
Stay aware – of how things are right now
Take action – to make things better

Trust your insights, your strengths, and your path.