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Warning to those at risk

by Dr. Randy


Who is at risk from coronavirus infection? It is clear that those who suffer the most from viral illness are people with weakened immune systems and those with persistent inflammation.

How do you know if chronic inflammation is a problem for you?

If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes, or pre-diabetes (fasting glucose above 100), then you are at higher risk for more severe viral illness. Studies show that 99% of deaths from this virus occur in people with these and other pre-existing medical conditions. The reason is that your body is already in an inflammatory state, and this currently circulating coronavirus is very good at stimulating a storm of inflammation. If that inflammation occurs in the lungs or blood vessels, then this can be a dangerous situation.

It is essential that anyone with these three conditions, or any form of chronic inflammation or immune impairment, undergo holistic treatment now to increase your level of health and resistance if you want to avoid the complications of a coronavirus. This treatment is not complicated, but it must be individualized. There is no one size fits all. I do this using a functional medicine approach of nutritional supplements, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy. This combination reduces inflammation, fortifies the immune system, and treats the underlying root of the imbalance that has led to these symptoms. Most naturopathic doctors, qualified Chinese medicine practitioners, and homeopaths are good resources for treatment.

I am available to you, or anyone you know, to begin treatment now through video consultations to decrease the likelihood that any viral illness you encounter will cause significant problems.