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What to do now about the virus

by Dr. Randy



This virus, like all other viruses, can be treated with homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and Chinese and western herbs. I am consulting with people through remote visits online or by phone. If you or your family members develop any symptoms, then please get in touch by email or text and we will stay on top of this virus. It is very helpful to treat all viruses at early stages in order to stimulate the body’s defenses and expel pathogens, but it can be treated at any stage.

Homeopaths and Chinese medicine practitioners have historically had great success treating otherwise intractable infectious illness. There is a place for conventional care and there is a successful integrative approach. Specific holistic treatment will depend on the presenting symptoms, and the ideal treatment plan is individualized to each case. Often treatment for any acute illness needs to be adjusted or changed through its various stages, for example from fever and body aches to later coughs and lingering symptoms of congestion.

In the meantime, our current state of limited activities is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with families and nourishing introspective pursuits. Take this time for family activities at home, for meditation and spiritual development, for reading, and enjoying quietude. Enjoy this precious time together. Don’t read the news reports, limit your time on devices and social media, and don’t worry. Fear will just deplete you. Epidemics come and go. Be safe and cautious. Avoid public places and wash hands.

Keep your immune system strong by taking positive steps to bolster immunity. You can view the supplements I recommend for immune support here.


  • Venice Longinetti-Scherer

    Thanks for the reassurance that we can treat this virus.