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Winter Prevention

by Dr. Randy


Everyone has heard that prevention is the best medicine. Prevent heart disease with exercise. Prevent cancer with antioxidants. Prevent diabetes by eating low glycemic foods. It just makes sense.

Here are some tips for staying healthy during the winter and school season.

Get acupuncture at least once every month, especially in the more stressful winter season. This will help to keep organ energy systems in balance. This is helpful for children and adults. There are also excellent non-needle acupuncture techniques for kids who are afraid of needles.

Use some antiviral and antibacterial supplements to keep clear of viruses. Vitamin D is probably the most essential for maintaining immune system integrity (2000 IU for children, 5000 IU for adults). Take an elderberry, astragalus, or medicinal mushroom formula to boost immune function. My favorite for kids is Immunoberry by Designs for Health. Take a probiotic formula to maintain a healthy bacterial balance which will discourage pathogens.

Xylitol nasal spray will help prevent the growth of viruses in mucus membranes after exposure. So pick up some Xlear xylitol nasal spray and use it if your kids have a cold, if you are near someone that has a cold or flu bug, or if you travel on a plane. Teachers love Xlear to prevent colds.

And finally, do not get flu shots. Simply put – they don’t work, especially for children and the elderly. Don’t succumb to the vaccine manufacturer hype and pressure about flu shots. Just say no.


  • Samiamsam1

    At what age do you recommend supplementing with vitamin D3 and also krill oil for children?

    • Dr. Neustaedter OMD

      Vitamin D3 starting in infancy at 400 IU increasing dose throughout childhood. Search for it on my website.
      Breastfeeding moms should take omega 3 supplements, then kids can begin when weaned or if on formula.