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Your Healthy Child

by Dr. Randy


My goal is to keep your children as healthy as possible and solve emotional, behavioral, and physical problems without the use of drugs. Holistic medicine has the means to accomplish this. And you can learn these techniques at our new educational website We want children to stay confident, joyful, and accomplished.

Acute illness

Acute illnesses like colds and sore throats and ear infections and bronchitis are simple to treat with natural methods including herbal preparations and homeopathic medicines.

Behavior problems

Emotional and behavior problems like tantrums, sleep disturbance, and anxiety may require a combination of approaches to solve. Nutritional supplements and herbs can result in dramatic changes in behavior. Then other cognitive therapies and habit changes can work more effectively.

Chronic illness

Chronic illness patterns like asthma, eczema, and recurrent stomach aches or infections require a comprehensive holistic approach to reduce symptoms. This includes supplements that will relieve symptoms and an ongoing program to prevent recurrences. Usually this will involve creating a more balanced and robust immune system.

Learning problems

Attention disorders (ADHD) will interfere with learning. And learning disorders can drastically affect a child’s success and self-esteem. It is essential that every child have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. At CureChild we address children’s individual learning styles and recommend specific supplements to maximize efficient brain function.


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Video Consultations

I am available to consult with you about your child’s health problems or any concerns you have. Send me an email to set up a consultation.

Dr. Neustaedter